3D & Surface Scan Experts

Photogrammetry - Photommetrics - Structured Light, We scan props, We scan Environments, We scan vehicles, We scan PBR Surfaces, We build 3D Scanning Systems, We build custom hardware and electronics

Scanbox is a 3D scanning company focusing on props, environments, and surfaces scanning

We are specialized in content creation for VFX and Video Games industries, but our 3D scans are perfectly suited for Cultural Heritage, Advertising,  VR & AR, Archviz, Fashion, Engineering, 3D Printing, and more!

Our team come from both entertainment and engineering industries ; this mix of technical and artistic skills allows us to produce high-end 3D scans.

We use state-of-the-art techniques, including photogrammetry, laser scanning, and photometric-stereo. Besides, we develop proprietary technologies and hardware to push quality even further and to fill the gaps in between commercial solutions.

We know production needs

Because of our supervision background in VFX / Video Games industries, our scans are production ready. We understand client pipelines, and make sure deliverables fit their requirements.

High Quality Scans

It truely matters for us to deliver high quality scans. Moreover we master several 3D scanning techniques, so we can adapt to each specific situation to deliver the best possible results.


We love innovation !
To keep pushing the limits, we build custom hardware, softwares and 3D Scanning rigs in our R&D lab.
3D Scanning Services
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Props & Vehicles 3D Scanning

Clothing, accessories, bags, cars, statues, products…

We can digitally capture small or big objects like clothing, bags, shoes, statues, vehicles and many more! Using photogrammetry, our custom turntable rig, or structured light scanners, we can scan all kind of props.

Environment 3D Scanning

Digital capture of full environments, and ecosystem assets creation

If you need to create a digital environment for your VFX / Video Game / AR-VR project, 3D scanning is a good option to maximize final quality and reduce costs.

Scanbox team can scan full environments, and separated assets including surfaces, trees, rocks, cliffs, leaves, streets, monuments…

Reconstructed 3D Models are also perfectly suited for Cultural Heritage applications.

PBR Surfaces Capture

Scanning high detailed surfaces on location or in our studio

Using proprietary software/hardware, we can capture high-quality surfaces ready for Physically Based Rendering. We can scan surfaces and textures from small size samples to several square meters.

Custom 3D Scanning Rigs & Hardware

We build tailored 3D Scanning systems and hardware on demand

In our R&D lab dedicated to 3D scan technologies, we are able to build custom 3D Scanning rigs that would fit your needs. Furthermore, we work on custom devices to power, control and sync turntables, DSLRs, and lights.

Training & Consulting

Softwares / Workflow / Pipeline Integration / Private Development

We are open to any kind of consulting scheme. We provide advanced training for most 3D Scanning Softwares, help to improve your capturing and processing workflows, integration of the scans in your existing pipeline, and more!