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In this post, you will find a link to download a free example dataset created with our 3D scanning workflow: a small Ganesh statuette.

Scanbox Ganesh Dataset Render
Test render using the Ganesh dataset

This statuette was brought back from the South West of India, during a trip a few years ago. We thought that it was an interesting subject to scan because it has a lot of details and the texture is glossy on some parts and rough on other parts. We scanned it using our cross-polarised turntable rig setup with color calibration to deliver high fidelity textures.

You can check this statuette 3DScan in Sketchfab real time viewer  (you can use Alt+click to move the lights) :

Different Dataset processing levels

Please note that the following options are just our standards, but we can, of course, adapt our deliverables to more specific workflow.

You can download our brochure (pdf) here

The Raw Scan — that’s an economic and fast raw reconstruction including :

  • Raw Point cloud/geometry
  • Raw texture & UVs

It is the best option to minimize costs or if you want to do the processing yourself

The Classic Processing — Standard processing including : 

  • Semi-automated retopology or decimation
  • Semi-automated UVs
  • Basic scan geometry/texture cleaning
  • Normal/displacement map generation.

It is the perfect option to maximize quality and optimize project costs

Full Clean — Advanced processing including : 

  • Manual/semi-automated retopology
  • Manual/semi-automated UVs
  • Advanced scan geometry/texture cleaning
  • Full PBR Maps creation.

This is clearly the best option for “ready-to-use” hero assets!

You can download the sample dataset of this Ganesh statuette for Free using the link below :

Scanbox Ganesh Dataset (~ 1Go)

If you want more information, feel free to check the Props & Vehicles page, and our F.A.Q 


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