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We are very pleased to announce that the new Scanbox website is officially launched ūüôā We hope that you will be able to learn more about 3D scanning and find what kind of services we can offer to you! We’ll use our¬†Blog to share our passion for 3D Scanning, news, tutorials, software reviews, tests, and so on!

About 3D scanning as a general matter, you can find information in our FAQ page. If you want to know the 3D scanning services we propose, you can check the Props /Vehicles page to have examples of what types of real-life objects we can capture. We have an Environment page dedicated to everything that has a link to outdoor scenes: full environments, separate assets like trees or rocks, outdoor surfaces, and vegetation!

Moreover, we have good skills and proprietary equipment for capturing surfaces & material samples, please find more information on our PBR surfaces page.

Are you interested in custom 3D scanning rigs & hardware? We have a strong experience in that field!  We can develop full photogrammetry rigs as well as separated electronic devices. Check our Hardware page for complementary information!

Furthermore, we propose Training & Consulting if you want to improve your 3D Scanning workflow or to integrate 3D Scans in your existing pipeline. Please contact us for more information.

In addition to those activities, we are working on a Library of 3D scanned assets and PBR surfaces. The first batch of assets/surfaces should be available in a few months!

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