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You want to start a new project ? You are asking yourself how 3D scanning can fit in your activity ? You think 3D scanning can add value to your business ? You are interested in training and consulting ? Or maybe you would like to have a quote for a specific need ?

We would love to hear about that and discuss with you! Feel free to have a look at our FAQ page, get in touch by phone +336 19 27 10 06, using the form below or directly at info(@)


Paul Parneix

Paul has experience as a supervisor in Video Games / VFX Industries. He also has coding skills in Python / C++.  During the last 5 years, Paul worked on the development of photogrammetry/photometric-stereo scanning systems and end-to-end workflows for 3D Scanning pipeline integration.

Paul Parneix

Samuel Valence

Samuel is an engineer in electronics & embedded systems. He has good skills in hardware, system integration, radio-frequencies, power devices and electricity. Furthermore, he codes in C and assembly languages. Samuel has several experiences in CNRS research laboratories, startups and bigger companies where he has been involved in ambitious R&D programs.

Samuel Valence