3D scanning of full environments & separated assets
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Integrate reality in your virtual environments!

3D scanning is one of the most efficient ways to reconstruct high-resolution scenes and separated environmental assets. With our scans, you will maximize quality, earn money and time for your  VFX / Video Game / AR-VR environments!

Full environment 3D scanning

The team developed perfectly suited technics to 3D scan full scenes like monuments or streets. We can capture small or large areas up to your needs. You can use our scans for tracking, as a reference for modelling or for a survey/as a scale reference. It can also be used for rendering in specific cases.

3D scanning of the facade of Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris Point Cloud


3D scanning of a 20m cliff
Photogrammetry Point Cloud on a 20m cliff

Capturing environment elements

We can obtain high-grade results with outdoor assets including rocks, trees, tree stumps and more up to your needs! The skills needed here meet the competencies we use to scan props that you can discover in our Props/Vehicles page.

3D scanning of a branch
High-detailed scan of a forest branch asset

Capturing environment surfaces & high-quality vegetation!

Would you like to have an urban ground, a forest floor, a stony floor or any other environment surface ? We have developped the specific hardware/software equipment to remotly scan outdoor floors and surfaces. Check our PBR surfaces page for more information.

3D scan of a muddy area
PBR Scan of a muddy ground area

We can also capture high-quality vegetation atlases, including Albedo, Translucency, Alpha, Normal, Displacement, Cavity, Ambient Occlusion, Specular Intensity & Roughness maps.

PBR maps of a vegetation atlas
Vegetation atlas PBR maps
Calibrated albedo of a vegetation atlas
Vegetation atlas calibrated albedo
Banana leaf scan
Real-time rendering of a banana leaf scan

If you need to mimic an existing environment in CG, we can take care of capturing large reference scans, reference photos, separated 3D assets, HDRi, and PBR surfaces. Feel free to contact us.

For generic assets and surfaces, you can check our library