Frequently Asked Questions about Scanbox & 3D Scanning
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If you don’t find what you are looking for on this list, don’t hesitate to contact us.

3D Scanning is the process of digitally capturing objects, vehicles, building, environments, people etc… The result of a 3D Scan can be a point cloud or a mesh with textures.

If you need to reproduce some real-life subjects or environments in 3D, our 3D scans will help you to get better, quicker and more accurate results than classic 3D modeling/texturing. 3D Scans can also be used for camera/object tracking, as references, or for cultural heritage applications. You can check some 3D scan examples of props, vehicles and environments in our pages Props 3D Scanning and Environments.

There is almost nothing we can’t scan! But some subjects are better for 3D Scanning than others. For example, shiny reflections, transparent areas, or lack of surface details on a subject will make the scan more difficult. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more info about the feasibility of a project.

Our studio is located in Paris, France. But we are used to work remotely on international projects.

Price depends on the complexity of the subject(s), the cleaning level your need, and the number of subjects. You can download our brochure for more details about different cleaning levels. Feel free to contact us for a tailored quote.

We can provide hardware devices to control turntables, power and synchronize DSLRs, dim lights and more! We have off-the-shelf devices but we can also develop custom ones depending on your requirements.

Furthermore, we develop smart systems with microcontrollers, microprocessors, touchscreens that can enhance the flexibility and interoperability of your 3D scanning systems. Check our Hardware page to have more information!

We have extended knowledge of modern productions workflow, colorspaces, and file formats, so we can adapt to your needs.

Generally, we deliver meshes in Alembic or Obj format. For textures, we use 32-bit linear EXR for displacement and 8/16-bit sRGB tiff for other maps.

For now, we focus on props, environments and surface scanning, so we don’t provide facial/full-body scanning services at the moment.

But, we can scan full body costumes/clothing (on a mannequin) with our custom turntable rig (better quality than any multi-camera full-body scanning rig).

If you want to build your own full-body/facial photogrammetry system, Scanbox team has a great experience in this field. We participated in the development of a 120+ DSLR full-body rig a few years ago. Since, we’re developing custom hardware to make those kinds of rigs more robust, clean and scalable. Please visit the Hardware page on the website for more details.

Most of the time, capturing process takes about 5 to 20 minutes per subject. It can take up to few hours for very specific complex/massive subjects.

After capture, we perform 3D reconstruction and processing in our studio. Final assets delivery time depends on the number of scans, and cleaning level you need. A raw scan can be delivered within 0.5 working days, a classic cleaned scan can be delivered within 1 working day, and finally, a full cleaned scan can take from 1.5 up to 3 working days depending on the subject. You can download our brochure about different cleaning levels for delivery, and contact us for more details.

We designed our 3D Scanning equipment for props, environments, and surfaces to be portable. So we can capture off-site, or in our studio depending on your needs. A call out fee is added for off-site capture services.

For props scanning, we can work remotely. You just need to send us the props, we capture them and send them back to you. We work with trusted transporters and there is no call out fee added.

Yes, we can take care of production-ready scan cleaning and retopology. We developed powerful semi-automated workflows for these tasks and we work with very talented 3D Artists.

We propose differents cleaning levels depending on your needs. check our asset/props page for more information.

For big projects (10 or more props, or large environment), we can provide just the raw data from the capture (raw photos and / raw laser point clouds). For PBR surface scans, we don’t provide source data but we can provide raw scans.