High-end equipment for Photogrammetrie and Photometric-Stereo
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At Scanbox, we are doing our best to be and stay on the cutting edge of technology and we are strongly involved in high-end R&D! We set up an R&D lab where we develop and build proprietary devices for the 3D scanning industry. We make great efforts to create :

  • Custom Photogrammetry Rigs
  • Turnable control units
  • DSLR power, trigger, and control nodes
  • Light control devices
  • And so on!
DSLR delay and shot electronic box
DSLR shot control with OLED display

Want your own 3D scanning system?

We have 10 years of experience in embedded electronics, and we spent the last few years doing R&D about photogrammetry, DSLR triggering/synchronization and high-end lighting solutions.

We can develop all-inclusive photogrammetry scanning systems (turntable, facial, full body…), surface scanner or more specific hardware devices to suit your needs.

We would be happy to discuss your needs to see if we can help you at some point! Feel free to contact us.