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Scanning of surfaces & material samples.
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Using our proprietary equipment, our team can scan many different surfaces: leather, suede, cotton, wood, honeycomb meshes… We capture micro-geometry details and standard PBR maps.

We can scan your samples remotely in our studio! The process is quite simple :

  • You send us your material samples.
  • We scan them and deliver high-quality maps quickly.
  • We send the samples back.

Contact us to request our material scanning service price chart.

PBR Surface of a piece of leather

Our standard resolution is 4K maps for a maximum size of 30x30cm (12x12in). But we can stitch multiples scans together and create up to 32K maps for multiple square meters surfaces.

You can use the tabs below to learn more about the different PBR maps we capture. Please note we can also capture Opacity (Alpha) map if needed.

Normal Map Capture

Normal Map

The Normal map contains information about surface & micro-geometry orientation. It can be used for both real-time & offline rendering.

Displacement Map Capture

Displacement Map

Also called “Height Map”, The Displacement map contains information about the depth of the surface. We can create displacement maps with 32bit float precision, and separate height frequencies if needed.

Albedo Map Capture

Diffuse Albedo Map

Represents the per-pixel calibrated colour of the surface, without reflections and unwanted shadows.
The reflectance of the leather shown as an example is mostly specular, that’s why the diffuse albedo contains only subtle pieces of information.

Specular Intensity Map Capture

Specular Intensity Map

Represents the intensity of the specular reflections, proportional to the IOR of the surface.

Specular Roughness Map Capture

Specular Roughness Map

This map contains information about the glossy/rough ratio at each pixel of the map. Lower values mean the surface is glossy, higher values mean the surface is rough.

Ambient Occlusion Map Capture

Ambient Occlusion Map

Ambient Occlusion represents “self-shadowing” on the surface, it’s mostly used in real-time renderers to fake Global Illumination shadows.

Cavity Map Capture

Cavity Map

We derivate a Cavity map from the Normal map. This map is mostly used for real-time rendering.

For the specific case of environment surfaces & vegetation, you can find more information on the Environment page.