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Game ready & VFX ready assets

If you need a digital copy of an object to include in a VFX or Video Game project,  starting from a 3D Scan is almost always the best option. Our scans are also perfect for Virtual Reality / Augmented reality projects, Cultural Heritage, or 3D Printing.

Here is an example of a leather bag 3D scan, optimized for real-time rendering (You can use Alt+click to move the lights) :


We come from VFX and Video Games industries, so we know production needs and we can produce data for both real-time and offline renderers, here is a render of the same bag using an offline renderer :

Flexible Photogrammetry Workflow

Using our custom photogrammetry turntable rig or structured light, we can scan objects with an unprecedented level of detail

Our 3D scanning turntable can handle objects with a maximum weight of 100 kilograms, from few centimeters to approximately one cubic meter.  We can, of course, adapt our techniques to scan bigger subjects.

We use cross polarisation and color calibration to deliver high fidelity textures.

3DScan of a bronze Ganesh statuette, cross polarised albedo texture & geometry preview.

Scanning Clothes & Fashion Accessories

For clothes 3D Scanning, we place them on mannequins and use our turntable system. It allows us to reach a quality level that is impossible with full body camera arrays scanning rigs.

Scan of a Leather Jacket on mannequin

Photogrammetry scan of a shoe

16K flat texture

Scan Cleaning & Retopology

We can take care of production-ready scan cleaning and retopology. Indeed, we work with very talented 3D Artists and we developed powerful semi-automated workflows for these tasks.

Semi-automated retopology example

We can Scan almost everything!

You can Download our brochure (pdf)  and a sample dataset (zip ~1Go)

Contact us for a quote, or if you want more information.

Vehicles 3D scanning

Vehicles scanning can be challenging! Using LIDAR scanners for this purpose is not always the best option, it can generate a lot of noise because of laser intensity on shiny surfaces, and can be time-consuming.

We developed photogrammetry technics to capture highly detailed vehicles, plus we are able to capture on location.

You can use vehicle scans for tracking, as references for modeling or for measurement/simulation purposes. You will also be able to integrate them into AR/VR environments or use them for rendering after retopology and cleaning.

Raw 3D Scan of a car, captured in 10 min on stage

More precise car 3D scan focusing on geometry

Scan of a motorcycle of the 1950s

Capture of a Russian 2S3 tank